Course Title: Advanced Medical Astrology Mastery

Course Description: This advanced Medical Astrology course is designed for those with a foundational understanding of astrology and medical astrology who wish to delve deeper into the connections between astrology and health. Through this intensive curriculum, you will gain advanced knowledge and skills to analyze health-related astrological factors and provide astrological guidance for well-being.

Module 1: Foundations of Medical Astrology

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Medical Astrology
  • Lesson 2: The Role of Planets in Health
  • Lesson 3: Zodiac Signs and Their Health Implications
  • Lesson 4: Astrological Houses and Health

Module 2: Advanced Planetary Influences on Health

  • Lesson 5: Planetary Aspects and Health
  • Lesson 6: The Lunar Nodes (Rahu and Ketu) in Medical Astrology
  • Lesson 7: Planetary Retrogrades and Health
  • Lesson 8: Medical Astrology and Outer Planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto)

Module 3: Advanced Analysis Techniques

  • Lesson 9: Solar Returns and Health Predictions
  • Lesson 10: Progressions and Their Impact on Health
  • Lesson 11: Divisional Charts (Varga Charts) in Medical Astrology
  • Lesson 12: Advanced Techniques for Timing Health Events

Module 4: Disease Analysis and Diagnosis

  • Lesson 13: Identifying Disease Tendencies in Birth Charts
  • Lesson 14: Medical Dasha (Planetary Periods) Analysis
  • Lesson 15: Advanced Medical Case Studies
  • Lesson 16: Disease Remedies and Astrological Solutions

Module 5: Holistic Health and Medical Astrology

  • Lesson 17: Ayurvedic Astrology and the Doshas
  • Lesson 18: Psychological Factors in Health Analysis
  • Lesson 19: Nutrition and Medical Astrology
  • Lesson 20: Spiritual and Karmic Aspects of Health

Module 6: Professional Practice

  • Lesson 21: Ethical Considerations in Medical Astrology
  • Lesson 22: Setting up a Medical Astrology Consultation Practice
  • Lesson 23: Client Consultation and Communication
  • Lesson 24: Continuing Education and Research in Medical Astrology

Course Materials and Resources:

  • Advanced astrology software/tools for medical astrology analysis
  • Extensive reading materials, research papers, and medical astrology texts
  • Recorded lectures, webinars, and interactive discussions
  • Assignments, case studies, and practical exercises
  • Access to a supportive community/forum for advanced medical astrology students


  • In-depth assignments, case studies, and research projects
  • Final assessment and certification exam

Course Duration: 3 Months & Classes will be held on every Saturday Sunday for one hour.


  • Completion of a foundational astrology course or equivalent knowledge.

This comprehensive curriculum is designed to take students with a foundational understanding of astrology and medical astrology to an advanced level of proficiency. It covers a wide range of advanced topics and techniques to provide a thorough education in Advanced Medical Astrology Mastery.

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